Ridder's SOLAR BVBA Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System
RIDDERS-SOLAR, always a step closer to perfection!
Solar Power Inverter
  We provide you with standard inverter brands, special adapted inverters or specially made Inverters under own brand.  
  The solar grid-connected power generation is the most prosperous energy utilization technology in the 21st century, which can directly input the power energy into the power grid, require no accumulators and its power output and release, can fully utilize the power from the recycling power, reduce the power consumption, and lower the system cost. The grid-connected inverter is the core equipment of the PV power generation station and is the foundation for guaranteeing the long-term power generation of the power station. This technology can convert the DC of the solar battery into the AC which has the frequency, phase and voltage same as the power grid.  
The main products of RIDDERS-SOLAR consist of RS-INVERTER series small grid-connected inverter, RSC series central grid-connected inverter and RSI series off-grid inverter, which can fully meet the demands of different customers. RIDDERS-SOLAR products feature the following strengths:
  • The general performance of products reaches the international advanced level;
  • The products feature the very high price/performance ratio.
  • The products pass EU CE and VDE certification.
  RIDDERS-SOLAR are engaging in research, develop and market a wide range of high-quality inverters for the world. RIDDERS-SOLAR continues to look for ways to improve our services and technical capabilities to meet the demand of our customers and the markets in order to achieve our goals and afford green power for the area away from utility-grid or grid connected.  
  The solar inverter is a critical component of an entire solar energy system. It performs the conversion of the variable DC output of the PV cells into a clean sinusoidal 50- or 60 Hz current suitable for supplying the commercial electrical grid or local electrical network.  
  DSP Controller - The digital signal controller effectively executes the very precise algorithms required to charge the battery of the system and provide power to the electrical grid without power losses. This is called executing the system at its maximum power point. The drive of the main bridge of the DC/AC is performed by highly flexible PWM peripherals of the controller. High performance DSP controllers with integrated peripherals such as, analog-to-digital (A/D) converters and pulse width modulator (PWM), have enabled us with a new tool for implementing control for the power conversion functions.  
  RIDDERS-SOLAR inverters are made by incorporating the latest and or best technologies you can find. This makes that they have a European efficiency of 98%.  
  You have mainly two types of inverters, the GRID-Tie inverters and the OFF GRID inverters. This depending on how you will use the power that comes from the Solar Panels.  
  A third type of inverter is with an integrated battery charger and controller. Will be used whit on or off grid systems when we use first batteries to store the power that we receive from the sun.  
  A fourth type is a combination inverter that can be used at the same time for energy produced by solar panels and energy produced by wind turbines.  
  RIDDERS-SOLAR make all 4 types and will make the best available at this mompent on the market.  
  Inverters that are good for every situation are not existing at all. For this reason, we adapt each inverter to your specific situation. This makes that the energy you have from your solar panels will be delivered to the net with the minimum of losses.  
We have inverters, starting from 1Kw up to 100Kw
  All are CE compliant and have the highest safety standards as anti-islanding, over voltage and under voltage protection and so on.  
  PV grid-connected power system includes PV modules, grid-connected inverter,meter and power switch board. The PV modules convert the solar energy to the DC power,Then the grid-connected invert the DC power to the sine wave AC power which has the same frequency and phase with the grid voltage. The AC power feed-in the grid partly and the other power supply the local loads when there is demand for it.  
  We can adapt different brands to meet the requirements for your installation.  
  Here below the data for per example a 4 Kw inverter.  
  Model: RS 4000  
  RS series small grid-connected inverter works under the 1KW-5KW power and is mainly applied in the home small grid-connected PV power generation system.  
  • The inverter efficiency reaches 96%-98%
  • MPPT efficiency >99.5%
  • Non-fan design
  • ENS Meets VDE 0126-1-1 standard (Germany standard)
  • Built-in leakage current protection device
  • IP43&IP65 protection
  • Non-transformer design
  • Optional DC switch
  • RS232&RS485 communication
  • Meet RoHS
  • Hanging design and easy installation
  Those data are for the standard inverters, not the specially build ones.  
Model Specifications RS 4000
Input data
Max. DC power 4600W
Max. DC voltage 550V
PV voltage range MPPT 180V-500V
Max. input current 20A
DC voltage ripple <5%
Max. number of strings 1
Ground fault monitoring yes
Reverse polarity protection short-circuit diode
Output data
Max. AC power 4400W
Nominal AC output 4000W
THD of AC current <3%
Nominal AC voltage 220V-240V
Nominal AC frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Power factor 1
Short-circuit proofing yes
Max. efficiency 98.00%
Euro ETA 97.40%
Protection rating IP/65
Width/height/depth(mm) 460/350/150
Weight 17 KG
  Power curve for the RS4000  
  Parameters for the different inverters:  
All items on stock!!!!!
  Easy to connect:  
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