Ridder's SOLAR BVBA Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System
RIDDERS-SOLAR, always a step closer to perfection!
Photovoltaic system monitoring - features and applications
Most simple way to perform local monitoring is display available on inverter or on inverter control unit. But in most cases, on the inverter are displayed only the instant data and maybe some total values over a time. And in most of the time you are not near the inverter to permanently read the data.  
  We developed software solution that is connected to the invertor, using using RS232, USB, RS485 or whatever hardware interface. Our software solution can read and log the instant data in a database for more than 5 years.  
  The following parameters can usually be monitored, datalogged and stored in database:
  • Array voltage - VDC (V)
  • Grid voltage - VAC (V)
  • Array current - ADC (A)
  • Grid (injected) current - AAC (A)
  • Array power - PDC (W)
  • Grid (injected) power - PAC (W)
  • Module temperature - T(°C)
   This is however not all. We can monitor also the solar radiation, the temperature from the PV panels, the outside temperature and in fact whatever you like.  
  From all those data, we can make graphics in different ways. We can make graphic chart, to compare different values in different moment of times. As a standard feature, today and yesterday graph are available for all parameters specified above.  
  For different period of time, the array and grid parameters are graphicaly represented.  
   You do not have only solar panels, you also have a wind turbine or a solar boiler. All this, we can integrate and manage that you can see the data, in the way you like it.  
  All the charts ar available localy on your PC, or our software can send all those charts to a webpage for display.
You can choose to make your log on our server or yours.
Also we can let you to choose that those charts can be seen by others or can be privat. /> Alerts and system messages can be send by SMS service, GSM, fax machine etc.
Customized reports are available on request.
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