Ridder's SOLAR BVBA Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System
RIDDERS-SOLAR, always a step closer to perfection!
  PV array owned by Ingrid Boemans (Kinesiste te Haaltert gespecialiseerd in lymfe-drainage) - Koen Spinette
Groebbebaan 4 - 9450 Haaltert - Phone 053 83 76 86
  The total peak power from this array is 2000 watt, built with 20 panels of 100 watt.
Type cells = Amorphe Thin Film solar cells from last generation
Type of inverter: RIDDERS-SOLAR, developed by RIDDER'S
  Monitoring started on January 27, 2010  
Those are completely and 100% adapted to common Belgian weather conditions. Gives up to 30% more energy in same conditions than Poly or Mono crystalline cells. Very good resistance against shading and partial shading. When you have space, those cells are the way to go.
Placed on flat roof with own developed supports. Those supports can be adjusted regarding to the angle you need. Those supports are also able to be linked to a single solar tracking system. Absolutely minimum roof pressure. Wind resistant up to 160 km/hour Roof load only 70 gram per cm�.
This plant is also having a U-Tube water heating system. Linked to sanitary hot water and floor heating.
 DC side
  Daily charts Monthly Charts Yearly Charts  
Inverter IP67 protection R-Solar 2000 with build in communication interfaces and stainless steel front.
Efficiency up to 98%!
All inverters on stock.
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