Ridder's SOLAR BVBA Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System
RIDDERS-SOLAR, always a step closer to perfection!

PV installatie geplaatst bij Dhr. en Mvr. Paul Dom (Lector)-Magda Michiels
Den Haes 8 , 2860 St. Kathelijne- Waver , Phone: +32015314638
The total peak power from this array is 1680watt, built with 6 panels of 280 watt.
Type cells = Poly-Crystalline solar cells
Type of inverter: 1 x Rebuild Kaco by RIDDERS-SOLAR, developed by RIDDER'S
Monitoring started on 12 December 2010
This is the WORLD first tracker with a height in total of max. 3 meters. However, this tracker is small in dimensions, not in what it can do. Tracking is combined by light sensor as well as GPS tracking. A small tracker with more possibilities than the big trackers you see. This tracker can have a max. of 12 panels of 280 watt = a total of 3360 watt!
All developed by RIDDERS-SOLAR, design, hardware, software, new light sensor system, complete new tracking software, starting from a blank paper. and resulting the most innovative tracking system!

RIDDERS-SOLAR, always a step closer to perfection.

We wish to thank the family Dom-Michiels that they had the confidence to let us build a complete new system starting from scratch.
  ? ? ?  
  Special circuit breaker
At DC side
Two modified
Kaco inverters
RCD circuit breaker,
Circuit breaker and
Counter for KWh
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